Disinfectant Sanitizing Wipes


Vioclean Wipes contain 70% Alcohol and is enriched with Neem and Camphor. Kills 99.9% of most common illness causing microbes. Used for sanitizing of hands and surfaces such as mobile phones, electronic appliances, utensils, groceries, bags / packets, vehicles, handles / keys etc.

Used for sanitizing all hard and soft surfaces


Vioclean Wipes are useful for complete sanitizing of hands. With natural moisturizing ingredients, the wipes do not cause the skin to become dry. The wipes are clinically tested to be safe for skin.

Mobile Phones & Electronics

Vioclean Wipes are bleach free and contain ingredients that do not damage screens and electronic devices. The wipes can be used for instant disinfection of mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets.

Groceries & Bags

Vioclean wipes can be used for wiping grocery, food and other bags or packets to ensure that any such packet from outside is disinfected and sanitized.

Vehicles and Handles

Vioclean wipes are useful for wiping frequently touched surfaces such as car steering wheels, gears, motorbike handles etc.

Clinically Tested, Safe and Portable Sanitizing Solution

Instant & Complete Disinfection

Vioclean wipes are microbiology tested in an approved laboratory demonstrating that it kills 99.99% of most common illness causing germs and microbes in 5 seconds after wiping.

Safe for Skin

Vioclean wipes are clinically tested to be safe for skin application and are evaluated to be dermatologically safe for all skin types. With the goodness of Neem and Camphor, the wipes contain natural skin moisturizing agents that prevent drying and chapping of skin.

Portable and Easy to carry

Vioclean wipes are individually packed in single pouches so retain the integrity of the actives. Also, the wipes are packed in easy to carry small pouches that can easily fit in pockets, wallets etc. and used on the go as and when required,

Safe & Effective for all surfaces

Vioclean wipes can be used on all hard and soft surfaces including food contact surfaces such as utensils, food trays, kitchen tops etc. The wipes and bleach and toxin free and effectively sanitize hard to reach spots.

Enriched with Naturally Derived Ingredients


Vioclean wipes contain 70% Alcohol as recommended by WHO and CDC guidelines


Neem is a natural anti-microbial agent that eliminates bacteria, fungi, moulds etc


Camphor along with its anti-microbial properties also eliminates odour and soothes the skin

Moisturizing Agents

Vioclean wipes are enriched with naturally derived moisturizing agents to prevent drying and chapping.